Laser Vein Removal in San Antonio, TX

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What is Laser Vein Removal?

Spider veins and varicose veins do not stand a chance with our laser vein removal treatments at Essential Med Aesthetics. People all over the San Antonio, TX area seek out the expertise of our board-certified physician, Dr. Freda Cobbinah, for vein treatments. Since veins become more visible as you age, it's advisable to get help when you first notice them. To minimize the look of spider or varicose veins, Essential Med Aesthetics performs nonsurgical laser vein removal with a Cutera xeo® Laser System. In your private consultation, Dr. Cobbinah can create a personalized treatment plan to meet your unique needs and goals. Make an appointment and come see us at Essential Med Aesthetics.

How do I qualify for laser vein removal?

Dr. Cobbinah offers laser vein therapy to treat both varicose and spider veins. These abnormal veins are caused by venous reflux, which occurs when blood backflows, pools, and creates swelling in a vein. Spider and varicose veins may occur due to heredity, pregnancy, changes in hormones, weight gain, or from engaging in activities that require long periods of standing.

Facial spider veins most commonly occur around the nose and cheeks, as opposed to larger reticular veins that present near the temple, chin, and jawline. The most common contributor to facial spider veins is sun damage. Spider and varicose veins on the legs are also common for both men and women. They're likely to present on the outer thighs, behind the knees, or on the calves above the ankle. If Dr. Cobbinah feels that this isn't the right treatment for you, she'll make recommendations as to what you should do to get the results you want.

Our Laser Vein Removal Technique

We perform laser vein removal in our San Antonio, TX office in around 20 – 40 minutes with our Cutera xeo Laser System. The amount of time you'll need to schedule will depend on the size, location, and number of areas needing treatment. For your laser vein removal, you'll relax in a reclined position in a private treatment room as we clean your skin. At your request, we can apply a local anesthetic before your session to minimize any potential discomfort. The laser will pass over your skin so the wavelengths can target the veins through a series of pulses that will not affect the rest of your body. The abnormal blood vessels will soak in the laser energy, which will collapse those vessels. Once your treatment is complete, you'll be free to leave our office and get back to your normal activities.

What to Expect

Following your laser vein removal session, you may notice redness, bruising, or swelling; however, these symptoms should disappear in 1 – 2 weeks. For optimal healing, you may wear compression or support garments to increase your blood circulation. It's important to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays, and we encourage you to apply sunscreen frequently to any treated areas. Certain patients may see visible improvements right away, but the timing of results will vary for every patient. During your initial consultation, Dr. Cobbinah, will discuss realistic expectations, as well as the number of treatments necessary. Laser vein removal will prevent veins from reappearing on your skin, though it only treats the veins present at the time of treatment.

Your visible veins have met their match

If you've been concealing or covering visible blood vessels, like spider veins or varicose veins, consider noninvasive laser vein removal at Essential Med Aesthetics in San Antonio, TX. During your consultation, Dr. Cobbinah can examine your skin and develop a unique treatment plan that best fits your needs. We look forward to meeting you and making a plan of action for your skin!

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