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Medical Weight Loss

Most people know that good nutrition and physical activity prevent obesity. However, most still struggle to achieve the weight loss needed to provide optimal health and eliminate weight-related medical conditions. Obesity affects a person’s physical and mental wellness.

Our goal is to fight against obesity in our community, one patient at a time!

As a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Cobbinah focuses on the four pillars of Obesity Medicine to treat her patients; Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavior Modification and Medication. She utilizes these four, scientifically-based pillars to individualize treatment plans for her patients. She understands the individual needs of people struggling with weight loss. She collaborates with patients to create a comprehensive treatment approach specific to their needs.

For some, excess weight and obesity occur as early as toddlerhood. Dr. Cobbinah accepts patients as young as 9 years old and utilizes a family-centered approach to combat childhood obesity.

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